Helping the Quality of Life

PRESCOTT – Prescott 1st United Methodist Church has received a $2000 grant from the Methodist Foundation to enhance the capability of Hamilton Haven House in Prescott. Hamilton Haven House is a non-profit foundation that provides housing in emergencies to people in Southwest Arkansas Regional Intermodal Authority (SWARIA) member Nevada County who are displaced by crisis situations.

The Methodist Foundation is providing funding for a years worth of utilities and meals for persons who may become homeless and need the services of Hamilton Haven.

The Methodist Foundation is working towards eliminating homelessness in rural areas of the state and providing these funds will be a great help to those in the community of Hamilton Haven House. “The grant was written for exactly this purpose,” said Pastor Terrie Lynn Bunnell of Prescott 1st United Methodist Church. “By working in the community you find these needs that don’t always fit into a specific budget line, but Hamilton Haven works for everyone in providing a safe space for those who are helpless and homeless.”

Prescott 1st United Methodist Church says it’s working toward eliminating social barriers to those of need, and supporting the local FoodShare and Ministerial Alliance endeavors for the future of all persons.

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