SWARIA Reaching out to Legislators

BONNERDALE – At the quarterly meeting (via Zoom) of the Southwest Arkansas Regional Intermodal Authority recently, SWAIRA Chairman Lewis Diggs asked member representatives to contact their local legislators to encourage them to revisit Senate Bill 605 of 2017, Ark Code 14-143-130. 

This is the Regional Intermodal Facility Act that allows for funding of the intermodal authorities.  Chairman Diggs said, “As it is currently written, there is a lump sum of money that is divided equally among the intermodals.  The problem is that when additional intermodal groups join, the amount of money available decreases for each intermodal.  We hope that the legislators will change the law to allow a specific amount per intermodal (at least at the $75,000 level we currently receive) instead of a reduced amount as other intermodal groups join. “

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