Targeted Industries

Biomass & Bioenergy Development

The SWARIA region has plentiful resources that can be used in the biomass & bioenergy fields: an excellent supply of forestland, corn & soybean farmland, crop waste from the large agricultural component to our economy, and a workforce with skills that translate easily to the industry. The state of Arkansas also offers competitive incentives related to biomass development.

Distribution & Logistics Services

Our region has a strong transportation network which allows companies to move products easily through the supply chain. An interstate, five major highways, a railroad, and a future transload facility are all part of our network. From the SWARIA region, the rest of the country is within easy reach.

Food Processing

Raw materials needed by the food processing industry are readily available in the region. This, coupled with our excellent transportation network, helps the food processing industry produce high quality products that can be distributed quickly and efficiently.

Small & Specialty Manufacturing

The SWARIA region is already home to several manufacturing companies that produce goods related to air conditioning and heating equipment, roofing materials, metals, boats, clothing, lumber & paper goods, and food processing. We also have a strong base of healthcare and pharmaceutical services.  With such a diverse base, we see excellent opportunities for small and special manufacturing to provide parts and supplies for these companies.

Timber & Paper Products

With most of our counties being home to over 300,000 acres of forestland (and some having more than 400,000), we are one of the most timber rich areas of Arkansas. As such, the timber industry has long been a vital part to our economy, and we are poised to welcome even more work in the field.